MP Soundcraft features the past and present music of composer and instrumentalist Mark Poitras. With a passion for exploring different sounds and styles, Mark Poitras has been experimenting with a variety of traditional instruments and electronics for many years. As a performer Mark has toured the U.S. and played the role as a multi-instrumentalist in groups ranging from singer/songwriter acoustic pop to genre-splicing fusion groups. Mark spends most of his time these days in his studio composing a wide variety of music for films, television, trailers, promotional videos and other forms of video for clients on an international scale. With a wide range of influences from many genres and styles, Mark is always enthusiastic to create unique compositions spanning from retro to contemporary, uplifting to dark, and traditional to experimental.

Notable credits include placements of tracks on TV shows on The History Channel, MTV, Animal Planet, Bravo, The Food Network, and TLC. Mark has also composed music for the award winning docudrama short film Blood of A King, about the historical Battle of Thermopylae in ancient Greek and Persian times. Mark's tracks have also been used for the award winning online educational Twig Science Films. The soon to be released documentary short film To Go Viking will feature many tracks from Poitras' catalog as well.

Tracks featured in the Film/TV/Video section under the Listen links demonstrate music that is well suited for Film, TV, or various forms of video. All of the tracks in the Film/TV/Video section are available for licensing and some are also available for certain non-commercial uses under the Creative Commons license. MP Soundcraft also specializes in writing new original music in many various styles for multiple purposes. Please contact for quotes and more information.

Music featured in the Current Projects section under the Listen links features projects/bands that Mark is currently writing for and/or performing with. Certain tracks are available for licensing and also for certain non-commercial uses under the Creative Commons license. If you like a song you hear and would like to add it to your collection, some songs are available to purchase. Thanks for your support.

Music featured in the Past Projects section under the Listen links features projects/bands Mark has previously performed with and written or co-written music for. These songs are not currently available for licensing.

To view examples of Mark's music used with film and various forms of video please check out the Watch section. TV examples are currently unavailable online to view. Also view Mark performing songs with several different acts.

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